Fit & Strong! is an exercise and behavior change program for older adults with lower extremity osteoarthritis.  Participants learn about the benefits of physical activity, how to manage arthritis, how to exercise safely, and how to develop and maintain a healthier, more active lifestyle.  A resource manual is provided for class participants.




Fit & Strong!  includes 60 minutes of exercise focusing on stretching and flexibility, low-impact aerobics/fitness walking, strength training, and balance exercises, followed by a 30 minute discussion on health education and group problem solving for behavior change.   


Workshop sessions take place 2x/week for 12 weeks.  Each session is 1 ½ hrs. in length.  Classes are facilitated by a trained instructor.


Fit & Strong! is for anyone dealing with osteoarthritis who is 55 or older, or anyone who wants to increase their physical activity. 


No different versions are offered in SE MN at this time.


Most workshops are offered on a free-will donation basis.


It has really helped my arthritis and I have less pain. I feel like getting up and doing something. I like doing housework and view it now as a form of exercise.
My bone density was higher than my last visit.
My cholesterol level went from 225 down to 190 since starting Fit & Strong!
The exercise has made it possible for me to have better movement in joints with less pain.