A group workshop designed to increase self-management techniques and address specific concerns and goals for people with type 2 diabetes.  Participants set goals and make a step-by-step plan to improve their health.  Workshops are interactive and focus on peer support.  A resource book is provided for class participants.




The Living Well with Diabetes workshop focuses on key diabetes self-management skills, including the relationship between food and blood sugar levels and healthy eating with diabetes.  Participants will learn techniques to deal with the symptoms of diabetes, fatigue, pain, hyper/hypoglycemia, stress, depression, anger, fear and frustration.  We will also discuss physical activity, appropriate use of medications, working with health care providers, and how to accomplish your goals.


Workshop sessions take place 1x/week for six weeks.  Each session is 2.5 hr. in length.  Classes are facilitated by a pair of trained leaders.


Living Well with Diabetes is for anyone 18 or older with type 2 diabetes.


Vivir Saludable Con Diabetes, Spanish-language version


Most workshops are offered on a free-will donation basis




I needed a refresher on how to take care of my diabetes because my habits were slipping. This has helped me recover myself and my ability to live with this successfully. It helped me devise a way to help myself - I really needed a kick in the butt and this was it. My mental health has improved tremendously because I am now hopeful that I can live with this and not die from it. This workshop was a powerful, engaging lesson that embraced me and my diabetes as a unit and taught me how I can embrace my life and not despair over diabetes.
— Sarah, Kasson