Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance

Tai Ji Quan is a group based exercise class designed to help older adults improve balance and reduce the likelihood of falling through the use of slow coordinated movements. Participants will enhance balance skills, body alignment, muscle strength, flexibility and mobility. Forms are adapted from traditional Tai Chi practice to focus specifically on balance concerns.


The Tai Ji Quan program uses 8 forms as part of the core routine, with Mini Therapeutic Movements that focus on improving sensory motor and cognitive functions. Movements are combined with breathing and focused attention to help engage both body and mind.  These are modifiable and can be done in a chair or holding on to a chair for support. All classes include a warm-up, core routine and end with a cool down and breathing practices.


Classes take place 2x/week for one hour for 12 weeks. Depending on venue it may be offered for another 12 weeks with more advanced content. Classes are facilitated by a trained leader.




Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance is for community dwelling older adults and people with a history of falls, balance disorders, leg muscle weakness, and abnormal gait or walking difficulty. It is also beneficial for older adults no matter their current balance or fall history.


Offered in English


Cost will vary depending on the site.


After taking the Tai Ji class I was able to take a trip to the east coast and get around without my cane. I can get up from a chair much more easily and walk more quickly. My score on the timed up and go measure improved from 41.1 seconds on the first day of class to 14.6 seconds on the last day.
— Marie, age 91, Wabasha
I am able to go down stairs more easily. I can put pants on while standing instead of having to sit on the edge of the bed.
— Janet, Wabasha
I can walk much further than I used to without my hips hurting. I am stronger and more toned.
— Michael, Wabasha